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 - Ricardo 1. Welcome to our concert.  Our BEGINNING ORCHESTRA is entering the stage to begin our concert.

 - Joanna 2.  They will begin by playing DADEGAD.   The Suzuki Method considers big bows and a big sound essential to performing well.

 - Yessika 3.  The 1st song of the BEGINNING ORCHESTRA is "lightly Row".

 - 4.  Jacob Lightly Row is a major song to set fingers on the fingerboard to be in tune while also using big bows.  This is not as easy as it looks.

 - Sarah 5.  The BEGINNING ORCHESTRA is comprised of 4th grade students.

 - Delan 6.  We  just started to learn the violin in August.  We are going to play an advanced song for you called "Perpetual Motion.

 - 7.  Citlali We will play part of the song today.  By the end of the year we will perform the whole song.      -  -  -  "READY".

 - Joanna 8.  Let's Give the BEGINNING ORCHESTRA another round of applause.

 - Ricardo 9.  They have progressed so fast this year.  It's amazing that they are playing so well so quickly.

 - Joanna 10.  The INTERMEDIATE ORCHESTRA is coming on stage and will begin with DADEGAD.


 - Cristian 11.  Dr. Suzuki demands that string students use their whole bow to get a big violin sound.

 - Jade 12. He expects all of his students use full bows and make a big sound when playing the violin.

 - Jean Carlos 13. The INTERMEDIATE ORCHESTRA will now play  "Lightly Row".

 - Natalie 14. Dr. Suzuki started his method on the violin in 1946 in Japan.  This method is used worldwide with the violin and the piano for group lessons.

 - De-Monte 15. The INTERMEDIATE ORCHESTRA will play  Perpetual Motion.  

 - Ayleen 16.  This song is one of the songs needed to get into advanced orchestra.  .  .  .  


 - Joanna 17.  Let's give the INTERMEDIATE ORCHESTRA another round of applause.  

 - Ricardo 18.  In the Spring some of these students will be playing in the ADVANCED ORCHESTRA.  


 - Julie 19.  The Advanced Orchestra will begin their performance with "Perpetual Motion" at it's faster speed. 

 - Alioth 20.  We would like to have a few students demonstrate their very fast version of this song.  

 - Demonstrations

 -  Zackery 21.  The twins  will play Mr. Wyler's arrangement of "Axel Foley" from Beverly Hills Cop.

 -  Margarita 21. Abby will play Allegro.

 - Ashley22.  Our next number is "Star Wars" which is a favorite of the students.

 - Jonatan 23.  This song is very difficult on so many levels.  The students have spent many hours learning the bowings and fingerings.

 - Mailiane 24.  The Advanced Orchestra will perform "Minuet 1" as their final number.

 - Yamilet 25.  This song is another prerequisite to get into the Advanced Orchestra.  .  .  . READY!


 - Ingrid.  Once extra number.

 - Margarita. 


"DADEGAD Rock & Roll"

Wait - DADEGAD 2 times

- D D D D -

DADEGAD 2 more times

- D D D D D----------

 -  Ricardo 28.  Please give another round of applause for all of our string students.  

 - Joanna 29.  Thank you for coming and I want to remind the students to remember to put your vests and ties away neatly.