Teachers: Do you have a K-12 student in Maricopa County who needs a device to connect and learn? We have a limited number of WiFi-enabled devices available for students to use for remote learning. Our purpose is to help children in need who do not have a device to use to connect to their teachers for learning.  If you have a student in need, please visit to join the forum (it's easy!) and access the link to the application for a device.

Click Here to request a wifi device for your K-6 student that is in Maricopa County.


Donations to a public school are tax deductible. Fill out the form below for more information or call the school at 480 655-7444 or email

Please donate your old computer "that works" and has wifi. This would be very helpful for our school.

The staff will take care of the details so that you can receive a tax deduction from your taxes by filling out the form.

We are always appreciative to donars that give the school old or new computer and laptops.

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Laptops are convenient but have major problems.

• The batteries don't last through the years of use.

• The screens break easily.

• Their easily dropped and will break very easily.

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Desktops vs Laptops

A Desktop setup needs a desk or table top set the monitor, keyboard, and mouse on.  The computer can be put on the ground or on the table/desk, but it's safer from children's destruction.

New vs Refurbished

Refurbished PC's are New Horizon School's recommendation.  A Windows 10 machine that's refurbished comes with the operating system liscences up to date if you purchase it from an authorized refurbish business.

What to look for.

An i5 Intel processor is a very good start.  i7 is expensive but a very good upgrade.  AMD is also very good depending on the version.  These would be PC's using Microsoft Windows 10 and doesn't depend on the internet to operate.  PC's don't use the "cloud" to run.  Chromebooks cannot function without the "cloud".

Again.  Be sure to have a good virus protection program on a PC.

PC's vs Apple vs Chromebooks

Limitations of Chromebooks (need internet to function)

New Horizon School uses PC Desktops and Laptops for students.

Intel systems (PC's) use the Microsoft Operating System which is supported more than the others.

At school we use Mavis Beacon to teach typing.  Many programs like this are PC based and not supported with other operating systems.

PC's are not based on "the cloud" and operate fine even without the internet (wired or "wifi").


Apple and Chromebooks have limitations.  Chromebooks look better for price but with many tradeoffs.


PC's need a virus protection program that monitors the system like "Norton".  PC's are notorious for getting viruses.


Chromebooks have many limitations and need the internet to function.

First things first: What is a Chromebook and how is it different? Most laptops run on Windows, and those made by Apple run on Mac OS, but Chromebooks run on Chrome OS.

Chrome OS is just another operating system, but if you're used to Windows or Mac OS, the look and feel will be different. Rather than programs, Chrome OS has apps, and it runs mostly online, with most of your documents stored online, in the cloud.

Let's take a look at the good and the bad things about Chromebooks.

What we love

  • Chromebooks are extremely affordable, with most models under $300, and many between $100 and $200.
  • Since Chromebooks rely on cloud storage, you can access your files from other computers and devices, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Many users report Chrome OS is fast, stable, clean, and easy to use.
  • Chromebooks are thin and lightweight compared to similar laptops.
  • Due to their lightweight operating system and SSD hard drives, Chromebooks take as little as eight seconds from being switched on to being ready to use.

What's not so great

  • Although some apps can be used offline, you need to be connected to the internet to get the most from your Chromebook. It's not ideal if you like to use your laptop on the go in places with no Wi-Fi.
  • You can't use your existing software – such as Photoshop or Microsoft Office – on a Chromebook, although you will find alternatives.
  • You'll probably end up paying for cloud storage. Google gives all Chromebook owners a free 100GB of Google Drive storage, but only for two years. After that you're downgraded to the usual 15GB free storage, unless you're willing to pay for an upgrade.