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POLICY – Discipline, Demerits, Suspension, Expulsion

Revised and adopted October 1, 2015 / Revised February 9, 2017


Any student who completes a registration application to attend New Horizon School for the Performing Arts and has been SUSPENDED OR EXPELLED from another school will not be admitted into the school.  If a parent completes the application and does not put that a student has been SUSPENDED OR EXPELLED from another school, and through the enrollment process it is discovered that the student had been SUSPENDED OR EXPELLED, that student will not be admitted. If the student is admitted and later through communication of a former school or school district records the student was SUSPENDED OR EXPELLED, that grants immediate dismissal from New Horizon School for the Performing Arts.




1. LUNCH DETENTION is received based on the discretion of the teacher, administration and the student's behavior.  Examples:  receiving a Red or Blue Slip, homework not completed, classroom behavior etc.


Teachers use a daily discipline chart that will coincide with the color that your student receives for daily behavior. Consequences according to the color chart behavior are logged in the homework folder.

All disciplinary forms will be in the homework folder to be signed by the parent and returned the next day.

GREEN = It’s been a good day! Good behavior!

YELLOW  = Warning behavior needs to be fixed immediately, failure to return signed yellow folder

ORANGE = A more serious problem

BLUE = Behavior is out of control. The student will receive the BLUE slip.

3. BLUE SLIP  - See next page for the Problems, Behavior that would merit a Blue Slip.
Parent will sign the Blue slip and return it the next day – 3 BLUE slips equal 1- RED slip

4.  RED SLIPS DEMERITS  - See next page for the Problems, Behavior that would merit a RED Slip.


Every Red slip offence will receive a certain number of Demerits.

Demerits may not have been assigned yet when you receive your students RED SLIP. It is pending investigation.

Demerit weight is subject to the severity of the incident.

The student will take the RED slip home to be signed and returned the next day

Parent will sign the RED slip.

A meeting will be scheduled with the parent regarding the RED slip

If a student receives THREE DEMERITS in one day they may be sent home.

The student will be in a different classroom or office. Student is responsible to complete all assignments.

The student will not attend any dance, music, and orchestra. PE or lunch recess.

6.    SCHOOL DISCIPLINE according to the # of DEMERITS given:

3   DEMERITS   = 3 Demerits received in ONE day the child may be sent  home

4    DEMERITS   = 1 day in school suspension

8    DEMERITS   = 3 days of in school suspension.

12  DEMERIT     = 1 day of in home suspension and 4 days of in school suspension.

7.    15+ DEMERITS = Advisory School Board meeting and student will be expelled.

Parents will be notified by a phone call and an Advisory Board Meeting will be held.  Students may be disciplined, suspended, or expelled for violations of any rules of conduct outlined in this handbook, posted in classrooms or verbally stated by staff and administration.  Parent meetings regarding discipline will be scheduled and held with administration. Student actions may be monitored by video cameras in various places on campus.  Student/parent will be responsible to pay restitution, replace damaged items,  or return any stolen items. If a law is broken the police will be contacted.

Raise Your Hands


Don't Draw Attention to Yourself

Our discipline system is based on "Common Sense".  Our country was based on following instructions quickly and doing the right thing.  George Washington hired a General to teach discipline which helped win the war against the British in establishing our Democracy today.  Our teachers teach discipline at New Horizon to help us learn as students and as a class.


Students that cause trouble and detract from learning will have color changes in their discipline notebook that goes home every day and will miss part of their lunch recess.

Do the right thing.  Raise your hand to answer questions.  Do your best work.

Memorize the Words

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Open Your Mouth When Singing

Take a Big Breath

Don't Talk to your Neighbor during Lessons.

Point Your Hands and make Straight Arms

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Sing Out but Don't Yell