Mr and Mrs Wyler Opened New Horizon School for the Performing Arts in 1996.



The office is opened early each day of the week at 7:30am.  The office stays open until 4:00pm.




Mrs. Huffaker is the  PE, Dance, KND, & Productions Director (since 1996).


Teachers & Staff


New Horizon uses traditional books and classroom activities.

In addition to the traditional programs New Horizon has instituted a number of computer based educational systems.

Below show a few of the many systems New Horizon uses to help students learn at their pace.


Experience is the teachers of things  ≈ Julius Caesar

The only source of knowledge is experience  ≈ Albert Einstein

We do not learn from experiences . . we learn from reflecting on experiences  ≈  John Dewey

Research Based Education

NH Students have a Login for these online programs that are used at school and at home too. The teachers keep track of the progress that students are making, even when off campus.

"ModyMax" is a computer program that uses gaming graphics to teach students Math, Reading, and Literacy in many subjects.  It's speciality is closing learning gaps for students.

"Galileo" is a monitoring system that is given 4 times a year in all the grade levels to see what progress is being made for each student.

"Read Naturally" is also used in the reading program along with books the students can check out so they can read additional material at school &/or home.

"Reading Eggs" is also used for reading development in a fun and easy computer format.

"Jump Start" (Sokikom) is a program that makes education fun.

"Study Island" is another educational computer system that helps students learn about math, ELA, science, and social studies.

McGraw Hill - Reading Books, Glenco Reading, Connect Ed (an online support for reading and math)

Mavis Beacon Typing Program

Foundations - EL Students/ After school tutoring, English Language Learners, Purchased by Wilson Language Training, Oxford, MA 01540