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ORCHESTRA CONCERT Thursday November 21, 2019

(1 )   Welcome to our concert. All of our orchestras will perform for you.

(2 ) The begging orchestra will start the song and then the intermediate will follow, then the advanced will play with the end will combine all of the orchestras together.

Advanced, Beginning, Intermediate, All Together.

(3 )   All of our orchestra students will play Scorponok arranged by Mr. Wyler.
(4 )   This is an advanced song that teaches the students "low 2nd".

Advanced, Beginning, Intermediate, All Together.

(5 )  Please give everyone another round of applause.  The beginning orchestra students are getting into place.
(6) The Intermediate Orchestra will take their seats to perform again in a few minutes.

Beginning Orchestra

( 7) The Beginning Orchestra will warm up using the Suzuki big bow method by playing DADEGAD.
(8 ) This song is quite useful to help students get a loud and high quality sound.  Big bows are essential to the Suzuki Method.
(9 ) Famous Melody is an arrangement and recording done by Mr. Wyler.
(10 ) The next song after "Famous Melody" is #2 from the Suzuki Book.
(11 ) There are 10 Suzuki Books.  Today we will play from book 1.
(12 ) Dr. Suzuki composed this next song many years ago.  It is quite difficult on many levels.
(13 ) This is #9 from the Suzuki Book 1.

#9 Perpetual Motion

(-) Let's give the Beginning Orchestra another round of applause.  
(- ) The Intermediate Orchestra will begin by warming up with Mr. Wyler's arrangement of DADEGAD in the "Carpenters Style".

Intermediate Orchestra

( -) The Intermediate Orchestra is also going to play "Lightly Row".
(- ) This is a fundamental song in the Suzuki Method.  It helps students get a good sound while also placing their fingers in the right spot on the finger board.
(- ) Playing the violin helps encourage students to listen to what they are playing instead of just pushing fingers down on the fingerboard.
(- ) The violin training is also very important for students to develop a good ear training.
(- ) The Intermediate Orchestra will perform the slow version of "Perpetual Motion".
(- ) This is #9 in the Suzuki Book.  

#9 Perpetual Motion

(- ) Now the Intermediate Orchestra will play the faster version.
(- ) Some of the students will stand at attention at "Concert Position" while the other students perform this difficult song at a faster speed.
(- ) Let's give the Intermediate Orchestra another round of applause.
(- ) After the Intermediate Orchestra takes their seats we will watch a video of Dr. Suzuki explaining how playing music can help in many ways.
(- ) He is convinced that musical development is beneficial to students. 

Advanced Orchestra & Super Strings

(- ) The Advanced Orchestra will play Minuet 1 with repeats.
(- ) The bowing and key signatures make this a difficult song to perform correctly.
(- ) This song in part of the violin curriculum for New Horizon.
(- ) #9 and this song are required to get into Advanced Orchestra.
(-) The Twins will perform "Axel".
(- ) The Super Strings will play "Soldiers Joy".
(- ) The Advanced Orchestra will play Star Wars.
(- ) Following this number the Beginning and Intermediate Orchestras will share the stage with the Advanced Orchestra for our finale.
(- ) Let's give the Advanced Orchestra another round of applause.
(- ) Now the Beginning and Intermediate Orchestras will take the stage for our finale numbers arranged by Mr. Wyler.


(- ) We have enjoyed performing for you tonight.
(- ) For our grand finale all of the orchestras will play Star Wars.
(- ) This will be the final number of the concert.  Please give the students time to neatly put their vests and ties away carefully after the concert.
(-) Let's give all of the Orchestra Students another round of applause.

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