New Horizon School for the Performing Arts

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Gates open at 7:30am  |   School Starts at 8:00am
Tardy students must report to the office to sign in
with a parent/guardian/driver

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The best reading support you can give your child
is to read daily AND nightly.
  A suggested 20 minutes a day is great.
More is even better.

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446 E Broadway, Mesa, AZ 85204
Founded in 1996 K-6 Elementary Charter School
(480) 655-7444      (480) 655-8220 fax     (888) 357-7193
No Tuition - "Academics First"

GENERAL INFORMATION:     Many charter schools "rent" space in a facility. New Horizon is in complete ownership of the facility. The professional lighting and sound in the auditorium are quite extraordinary. The basket ball court outside is also a volleyball court. The park across the street (north) gives students room to stretch their legs and enjoy the outdoors at recess and at lunch time. Hot lunches are also part of the New Horizon School program. New Horizon is a certified "PUBLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL" sponsored by the Arizona Charter Board. The school was started in the Fall of 1996.

Free Lunch and Breakfast Program
for Qualified Students

A High Tech School with:  High Speed Internet, Closed Circuit Broadcasting, A Computer Lab with 30 Stations, Professional Lighting & Sound, many Computers in Every Classroom and much more.

Co Principals - Mr. Wyler and Miss Jann

New Horizon Discipline System modeled after "Common Sense"

Inspector General Fredrich von Steuben

Baron von Steuben was the 1st Drill Sergeant.
He was trained in the Prussian Military led by emperor "Frederick the Great"

Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb.

The Birth of Democracy - Cleisthenes

One Dream

Hoe Down - 2017 - Stapley Park - 10/4/17

Winter Concert 7:00pm 12-14-17

Strings Spring Concert - April 19, 2018

Lindsey Stirling" performed at New Horizon 12/21/12

K-3rd - Disney Celebration - 6:00 Performance

K-3rd - Disney Celebration - 7:15 Performance

Click Here for Plays in the Past

Last Year - Kids Next Door - Disneyland - March 2018

Last Year - Kids Next Door - Knotts Berry Farm - March 2018

Friday Performance of Aladdin Jr.

Last Year - Peter Pan jr - Thursday Night performance

The Federalist Papers - Building the Constitution

Mr Wyler's Art Lessons

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Mr Wyler's History & Science Info

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Mr Wyler's "Can Be Fun" Sites

  History  |  Reading  |  Writing  |  Math  |  Science  |  ELL

New Violin and History Music

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      Average Teacher Salary
Average salary of all teachers employed in the budget year 2019 38,389
Average salary of all teachers employed in the prior year 2018 33,633
Increase in average teacher salary from the prior year 2018   4,756
Percentage Increase  14.1%

National School Lunch Program at New Horizon for 2015-2016
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