El gobernador Ducey, el superintendente Hoffman anuncian la extensión de los cierres escolares hasta el final del año escolar.

We will continue to send packets home each week for grading. Organize your families daily schedule for learning from the packets and our online programs listed in our "Online Classrooms" on our menu.

Continuaremos enviando paquetes a casa cada semana para su calificación. Organice el horario diario de sus familias para aprender de los paquetes y nuestros programas en línea que figuran en nuestras "Aulas en línea" en nuestro menú.

NHSPA Special Education
New Horizon School for the Performing Arts continues to provide Special Education services for students with an IEP during the Covid-19 school shutdown. The Learning Packets developed for the special education students (academics and speech/language) will NOT be posted on the NHSPA website due to privacy and confidentiality concerns (FERPA). The learning packets made by Mrs Carol and Ms Jasmin are attached to your student’s classroom packet made available to you at the NHSPA office.
Please contact our NHSPA Special Education Director, Tammy Boe-Kipp (
(480) 694.3844), if you have any questions or concerns.

NHSPA Educación Especial
New Horizon School for the Performing Arts continúa brindando servicios de educación especial para estudiantes con un IEP durante el cierre de la escuela Covid-19. Los paquetes de aprendizaje desarrollados para los estudiantes de educación especial (académicos y del habla / lenguaje) NO se publicarán en el sitio web de NHSPA debido a preocupaciones de privacidad y confidencialidad (FERPA). Los paquetes de aprendizaje hechos por la Sra. Carol y la Sra. Jasmin se adjuntan al paquete de la clase de su estudiante que se pone a su disposición en la oficina de NHSPA.
Comuníquese con nuestro Director de Educación Especial de NHSPA, Tammy Boe-Kipp (
(480) 694.3844), si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud.



Parents: have your child use "Reading Eggs" "Prodigy" and "MobyMax" at least 45 minutes a day.

Pease turn in the packet on Monday each week while picking up the new packet.

This is also online at "ONLINE CLASSROOMS" shown on the menu on this page.

Padres: haga que su hijo use "Huevos de lectura", "Prodigy" y "MobyMax" al menos 45 minutos al día.

Entregue el paquete los lunes de cada semana mientras recoge el nuevo paquete.

Esto también está en línea en "AULAS EN LÍNEA" que se muestra en el menú de esta página.

ONE CALL NOW Voice Mail and TEXT message to all Parents March 24, 2020 with A FEW UPDATES.

* Governor Doug Ducey and Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman today announced the extension of Arizona school closures through the end of the school year.

* The office is open Monday- Friday 9 AM - 3 PM.

* On Monday March 30th return the first finished homework packet and pick up your next week homework packet. Packets are to be turned every Monday for Grading and a report card will be given at the end of the year.

* Your teacher will be available through email to help with questions regarding school work only. You will be receiving an email from your teacher by Tuesday this week. Please answer the email so she can verify that that you received her email.

* If you have NOT Picked up any of the student’s homework packets please come to the office between 9 AM and 3 PM. All Packets need to be completed by the student and brought to the school every Monday.

* We need your current email address. Please call the office between 9 AM and 3 PM to give us your updated email address.

* Teachers or staff will be sending out emails as well as TEXT messages to all of our staff and parents.

* Cox is giving FREE internet until May 15, 2020 for qualified (free lunch) families.
On your last homework packet students were given the computer websites with their usernames and passcodes. Teachers will be checking to be sure your student (s) is / are on these programs. If you do not have a computer, phone or tablet we will not expect you to be on the websites. But it will effect the progress on each of the programs we use at school and at home. Let's use this time at home to continue to learn and expand our knowledge. Remember that "Learning is Fun".

* El Gobernador Doug Ducey y la Superintendente de Instrucción Pública Kathy Hoffman anunciaron hoy la extensión de los cierres de escuelas de Arizona hasta el final del año escolar.

* La oficina está abierta de lunes a viernes de 9 a. M. A 3 p. M.

* El lunes 30 de marzo devuelva el primer paquete de tarea terminado y recoja su paquete de tarea de la próxima semana. Los paquetes se entregarán todos los lunes para calificar y se entregará una boleta de calificaciones al final del año.

* Su maestro estará disponible por correo electrónico para ayudarlo con preguntas relacionadas únicamente con el trabajo escolar. Recibirá un correo electrónico de su maestro el martes de esta semana. Responda el correo electrónico para que pueda verificar que recibió su correo electrónico.

* Si NO ha recogido ninguno de los paquetes de tareas del estudiante, venga a la oficina entre las 9 a.m. y las 3 p.m. Todos los paquetes deben ser completados por el estudiante y traídos a la escuela todos los lunes.

* Necesitamos su dirección de correo electrónico actual. Llame a la oficina entre las 9 a.m. y las 3 p.m. para darnos su dirección de correo electrónico actualizada.

* Los maestros o el personal enviarán correos electrónicos, así como mensajes de texto a todo nuestro personal y padres.

* Cox ofrece Internet GRATIS hasta el 15 de mayo de 2020 para familias calificadas (almuerzo gratis).
En su último paquete de tareas, los estudiantes recibieron los sitios web de las computadoras con sus nombres de usuario y códigos de acceso. Los maestros verificarán para asegurarse de que sus estudiantes estén en estos programas. Si no tiene una computadora, teléfono o tableta, no esperamos que esté en los sitios web. Pero afectará el progreso en cada uno de los programas que usamos en la escuela y en el hogar. Usemos este tiempo en casa para continuar aprendiendo y expandir nuestro conocimiento. Recuerde que "Aprender es divertido".



K-3rd Grade Program This Year

Construction on Broadway and Mesa Dr. (2020-2021)  Hobson is the best street to turn down from Main.


Gates Open at 7:30am  |   School Starts at 800am

Tardy students must report to the office to sign in

with a parents/guardian/driver

The best reading support you can give your child is to read daily AND nightly. A suggested 20 minutes a day is great, more is even better.

446 E Broadway, Mesa, AZ 85204
Founded in 1996 K-6 Elementary Charter School
(480) 655-7444      (480) 655-8220 fax     (888) 357-7193
No Tuition - "Academics First"


GENERAL INFORMATION:     Many charter schools "rent" space in a facility. New Horizon is in complete ownership of the facility. The professional lighting and sound in the dance room (cultural hall) are quite extraordinary. The basket ball court outside is also a volleyball court. The park across the street (north) gives students room to stretch their legs and enjoy the outdoors at recess and at lunch time. Hot lunches are also part of the New Horizon School program. New Horizon is a certified "PUBLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL" sponsored by the Arizona Charter Board. The school was started in the Fall of 1996.

Free Lunch and Breakfast Program for Qualified Students
High Speed Internet, Closed Circuit TV Broadcasting, A Computer Lab with 30 Stations, Professional Lighting & Sound, Computers in Every Classroom and much more.
We will teach the core content areas of education and the performing arts in a safe, healthy, nurturing and drug-free environment.
We strive to bring our students professional, high-quality performing arts instruction in the areas of voice, orchestra strings, drama, musical theater and dance.
We provide experiences that stimulate growth of the students so that they may lead lives that are personally fulfilling and that contribute to, and improve, the society in which they live

Anti Bullying - Stand Up & Tell Someone

Discipline System (Click the Video Below)


The Kids Next Door at Disneyland

Plays from recent years

The video above shows last years 4th-6th Spring Strings Concert
Last years K-3rd (primary) grade students performing "Disney Celebration".
This years Hoe Down (10-2-19)
The video above shows this years Orchestra Concert (11-21-19)
American History & World History
Aviation Club - Planes & Drones
NH Salary Table