IN 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

He had three ships and left from Spain;

He sailed through sunshine, wind and rain.

He sailed by night; he sailed by day;

He used the stars to find his way.

A compass also helped him know

How to find the way to go.

Ninety sailors were on board;

Some men worked while others snored.

Then the workers went to sleep;

And others watched the ocean deep.

Day after day they looked for land;

They dreamed of trees and rocks and sand.

October 12 their dream came true,

You never saw a happier crew!

“Indians! Indians!” Columbus cried;

His heart was filled with joyful pride.

But “India” the land was not;

It was the Bahamas, and it was hot.

The Arakawa natives were very nice;

They gave the sailors food and spice.

Columbus sailed on to find some gold

To bring back home, as he’d been told.

He made the trip again and again,

Trading gold to bring to Spain.

The first American? No, not quite.

But Columbus was brave, and he was bright.

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Gates Open at 7:30am  |   School Starts at 800am

Tardy students must report to the office to sign in

with a parents/guardian/driver

The best reading support you can give your child is to read daily AND nightly. A suggested 20 minutes a day is great, more is even better.

446 E Broadway, Mesa, AZ 85204
Founded in 1996 K-6 Elementary Charter School
(480) 655-7444      (480) 655-8220 fax     (888) 357-7193
No Tuition - "Academics First"

GENERAL INFORMATION:     Many charter schools "rent" space in a facility. New Horizon is in complete ownership of the facility. The professional lighting and sound in the dance room (cultural hall) are quite extraordinary. The basket ball court outside is also a volleyball court. The park across the street (north) gives students room to stretch their legs and enjoy the outdoors at recess and at lunch time. Hot lunches are also part of the New Horizon School program. New Horizon is a certified "PUBLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL" sponsored by the Arizona Charter Board. The school was started in the Fall of 1996. 
Free Lunch and Breakfast Program for Qualified Students
High Speed Internet, Closed Circuit TV Broadcasting, A Computer Lab with 28 Stations, Professional Lighting & Sound, Computers in Every Classroom and much more.
The video above shows the famous Lindsey Stirling performing with the String Students on 12/21/12. Lindsey was made "Queen for the Day" and the New Horizon Students performed dances for her
We will teach the core content areas of education and the performing arts in a safe, healthy, nurturing and drug-free environment.
We strive to bring our students professional, high-quality performing arts instruction in the areas of voice, orchestra strings, drama, musical theater and dance.
We provide experiences that stimulate growth of the students so that they may lead lives that are personally fulfilling and that contribute to, and improve, the society in which they live

Anti Bullying - Stand Up & Tell Someone

Discipline System (Click the Video Below)


The video above shows the "KIDS NEXT DOOR" (KND) performing at Disneyland.  This is a select group of New Horizon Students that audition to be in this organization. They perform in the community at RV Parks, Community Events along with Disneyland and Knottsberry Farm during spring break every year.
The video above shows last years 4th-6th grade play, Aladdin Jr.
The video above shows last years 4th-6th Spring Strings Concert
The video above shows last years K-3rd (primary) grade students performing "Disney Celebration".
The video above shows this years Hoe Down (10-2-19)
The video above shows this years Orchestra Concert (11-21-19)
The video above shows a new video Mr. Wyler made this summer as he visited "The Statue of Liberty".
The video above shows large commercial planes landing at LAX.