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Principals Message

          New Horizon School for the Performing Arts is a high tech elementary school.   Our daily structure gives emphasis to reading, math, writing and language arts.   Social studies, science, music and PE meet or exceed the state standards.

          Our name implies that we "only" teach performing arts but this is the furthest thing from the truth.   Our goals are to achieve the highest levels of performance in "all" of the subjects and curriculum of a normal educational elementary school.

          Our programs in the school are exceptional.   Our Reading and Math programs are on the highest levels as we work with each student at "their" level. The computer programs we use are quite extraordinary. Each classroom has computers for students and teachers. We also have a computer lab that has enough computers for each student. The Galileo benchmark assessment is used school wide to find each students level in math, reading, writing (& science for 3rd & 4th grade).

          Our computer educational programs are: "Study Island" for math and reading,    "Reading Eggs" (K-3rd),    "Sokikom" (3rd-6th) math games,    "Performance Coach" (K-6),    "Mendoza",    "To Good for Drugs and Violence" (k-6th),    "Character First",    "My Math" (K-5th) by McMillan,    "Glencoe Math" (6th),    "Reading Wonders" by McMillan,    "The Avenues" for remedial reading,    "Read Naturally" (2nd-6th),    "Star Reading" (K-6th),    "AR Reading",    and many others.

          We work hard to keep our test scores as high as possible. We work hard as teachers, staff, administration, parents and students to make education challenging and interesting.   We emphasize ability level teaching so that a student that is higher or lower than grade level will be able to move ahead or catch up.    Our core teachers have Bachelors Degree's and in some cases Masters Degree's. All of our core teachers are certified or "highly qualified".

          Our PE excels beyond the state standards. All students get general PE along with dance instruction.    Our general music program teaches the basics of music theory, note reading, rhythm, music history, and singing.   The Suzuki Violin program is taught to every 4th, 5th & 6th grade student. New Horizon School also teaches K-6 students to match pitch.

          Mr. Wyler has developed a system that teaches every student to match pitches even if they come into the school tone deaf. This system has taught hundreds of tone deaf students to be able to "match pitches" while singing. This is a break through program in the music educational world. Click Here to see Mr. Wylers' site on the internet called "Tone Deaf Solutions".

          Communication channels are open through the phone, internet email, and appointments scheduled through the office.       The office phone number is 480 655-7444 and the fax number is 480 655-8220.   

          I am always interested in parent, guardian, student, teacher, and community input.    Please feel free to contact me at any time.


Jim Wyler

I am very interested in parent/guardian/student input.
Feel free to email me on a regular basis.
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